In Simi Valley, the right air conditioning system is important to keep your home comfortable, especially in the summer. During the summer months, you can expect an average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit. There are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that you choose the right AC unit for your home.

Your Home’s Cooling Needs

Your AC unit should be capable of efficiently cooling your entire house without excessive strain. A professional can evaluate your property to determine the required BTUs (British Thermal Units) for effective and efficient cooling.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

To cool your entire home with one system, central air conditioning is the simplest option. However, if you have any areas you need to cool that don’t have ductwork, you might consider a ductless mini-split system. There are also window units if you have a small space that you need to cool where central air doesn’t reach.

Look at Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is imperative because it not only helps your home’s carbon footprint, but it will also aid with the costs of running your air conditioning. Take a look at the unit’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings. For the most energy efficiency, you want to choose an AC unit with the highest rating that meets all of your household’s needs.

AC Experts in Simi Valley

Remember all of this information when you contact a professional to begin exploring air conditioning systems for your home. Once you have your house’s cooling needs addressed, we can assist with the installation process. You can also rely on our team for heating repair and replacement to ensure your comfort during Simi Valley winters. Our experts are also available to address your home’s insulation requirements. Contact Service Heroes today to get help with choosing your next air conditioning system.

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