Although the majority of Simi Valley, CA, homes have ducted HVAC systems, not every homeowner knows much about how they work. Most people’s knowledge of their HVAC system doesn’t go far beyond how to operate their thermostat to keep their home comfortable. However, almost every one of them knows how expensive it is to keep their HVAC running year-round. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to cut your HVAC operating costs. One of the best and least-known ways to do it is through air balancing.

What Is HVAC Air Balancing?

The reason central HVAC systems are efficient is that it’s cheaper to run a single large heating or air conditioning system rather than multiple smaller ones. However, using a centralized system means relying on a network of ducts to carry conditioned air to the parts of your home that need it. But there’s an inherent flaw in how most ducted systems work.

The problem is that they rely on a single central thermostat to control their operation. That means your central HVAC can only sense the temperature at a single point in your home. And that can lead to uncomfortable hot and cold spots in different parts of your home. When that happens, you might need to raise or lower your thermostat to compensate, wasting energy in the process.

That’s where HVAC air balancing comes in. It refers to the process of adjusting your home’s ductwork to make sure every part of your home gets the airflow it needs to stay comfortable. When your system is airflow balanced, the thermostat reading should always be within a degree or so of the temperature at every point in your home.

How Air Balancing Saves You Money

Your HVAC system works best when you set your thermostat to automatic and let it control your HVAC system. But you can’t do that with unbalanced airflow. It would result in some parts of your home being less comfortable than others. Air balancing makes sure your HVAC serves your whole home equally, allowing you to set your thermostat and let it do the rest.

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